"This is simply a letter to thank you once again for the exceptional services you rendered as a mediator in connection with the B estate. As you are well aware, this was a matter that had been controverted for almost seven years, and it was a matter in which the parties had very strong adverse feelings about one another. As a result of the above, it made this a very difficult situation in which to bring the parties together, and you managed very competently and professionally after six non-stop hours of successfully resolving all issues. Thank you again for your efforts in bringing the parties together."

Robert D. Alban

"Please accept the City's sincere thanks for your time and very effective assistance in concluding settlement of this case. I doubt that the result could have been achieved without your participation."

James K. Hahn,
Los Angeles City Attorney
By Katharine H. Vale

"I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your assistance today in Ms. R's mediation. For reasons I am sure you recall, this is a difficult case. I was very impressed with your approach and professionalism and appreciate your candor in talking with my client. I believe it may have helped for her to hear a third person express many of the things I have tried to communicate with her."

Masry & Vititoe
By Theodore C. Phlegar

"I wanted to drop you a line to let you know that this matter did resolve by way of settlement for the amount of $100,000. I wanted to thank you for the time and effort that you expended in helping achieve a settlement in this case. I also wanted to tell you I think you are a very good mediator."

Hillsinger & Constanzo
By Jane O'Donnell


If you're looking for a malpractice attorney who has integrity, honesty, a strong litigator, professional, and truly has your best interest at heart, go no further. You're at the right place. Contacting Blumberg Law was the best thing I ever did for my family.

Here is our story - In January of 2009, my 46 year old wife suffered a serious heart attack that resulted in a brain injury, which changed our lives forever. She now suffers from severe head pain, heart problems, and cognitive decline. The young vibrant woman I married was no more. Since my retirement in 2010, I have become a full-time caregiver to my wife.

Could this have been malpractice? It was brought to my attention on two different occasions that the heart attack never should have happened, and that medical malpractice might have been responsible for my wife's life-long conditions. In December of 2009, only a month before the statute of limitations was to expire, I contacted a very reputable attorney who assured me that there wasn't enough time to file a law suit, and we should just move on with our lives.

Why Blumberg Law? A friend recommended that I contact John Blumberg, at Blumberg Law Corporation. It was the best thing I ever did for my family.

The outcome - Because of John Blumberg and his staff, we went to mediation. The insurance company offered a substantial monetary settlement for my wife, and there was even compensation for me. While the award can't change what happened, those responsible were held accountable for what happened. The award will provide enough money for medical care for my wife for the rest of her life. I no longer have to think about whom will take care of her when I'm gone.

- Steve B.

The settlement of my lawsuit is great news! You got me justice and peace of mind. You are a great attorney.

Thanks for everything,

- Gary L.

After meeting with several law firms and being told the legal fees would be more than the settlement, we were sent to John Blumberg thinking it would be another disappointing meeting. Mr. Blumberg was the first attorney willing to represent us. He was there for us the whole time, guiding us through the long process, and fighting for us from start to finish. Laura was in chronic pain, an incomplete paraplegic, and wasn't able to travel. Mr. Blumberg brought the legal process to our home.

Mr. Blumberg and his staff are professionals who put their clients first. They were consistently in contact with us and kept us informed of every detail. It was always a pleasure working with his legal assistant.

Mr. Blumberg is the only reason we are able to purchase a handicap-accessible home and that Laura will have the lifetime care and help she will need.

- Tim and Laura K

I want to thank all at your firm for professionalism in handling the trust contest for me and for winning the case.

From the very beginning you collected facts, and only facts. You were very thorough. Your wonderful knowledge of what the facts prove, and your expertise of compiling all into a well planned case were just amazing to me. You did not let emotion get in the way. It was a well needed eye opener, and I thank you for that. Throughout the whole process, you took the time to brief me, and most importantly, to educate me on the who, what, when, and why's -- always with a kind word and encouragement.

Throughout our court hearing, I was completely astounded at the confidence and posturing with the court and your presentation. John Blumberg and Ave Buchwald work as a team, tuning into every word said and are ready for each others actions. They were completely prepared and knew exactly what all their evidence was.

I believe for me the highlight of the trial was when John Blumberg and the judge were arguing in regard to what the code actually said. John stood his ground with the judge and did not back down, quite tactfully. Upon returning from a brief recess, the judge did indeed decide John was correct. The confidence and knowledge that John Blumberg and Ave Buchwald displayed in their actions, I believe, was a deciding factor in my case.

To all at Blumberg Law Firm, including the ones working behind the scenes to prepare and research all evidence, to Ave Buchwald, and to John Blumberg -- I thank you all sincerely. You are truly a fantastic law firm.

- Mary H